XY shift after pause / change filament : Taz 6 Dual v3

After pausing a print or changing filament mid-print via the LCD on the printer, the print will resume but shifted x & y by about 5mm. Any subsequent pauses/change filament do not cause further shifting.

This issue is 100% reproducable. It seems like a firmware issue.

I have not tried pausing/changing filament using the Cura interface.

Firmware v1.1.8.59
Cura v3.2.21

After doing testing on this issue we have found that pausing the print through Cura resumes the print at the proper location. We have submitted a ticket to look into the Firmware that could be causing this issue. The link for the ticket is provided below!

Link: https://code.alephobjects.com/T2905

Additionally, if you press Pause via the LCD interface, and then press Change Filament 1 or Change Filament 2, you will get stuck on the Change Filament screen and nothing will happen, and you cannot resume the print.