Z-Axis Homing Issues - Lulzbot Mini Toolhead on Taz 6

I recently purchased a Lulzbot Mini 1 toolhead on the cheap, and I’m looking to set it up as my dedicated 3mm toolhead on my TAZ 6 (which is converted permanently to 1.75mm). I printed the new mounts, fan ducts, etc, and physically it’s good to go. I moved the pins around the connector to match the TAZ 6, and it heats, extrudes, etc. From what I can tell it should be gravy.

It will not home the Z axis correctly. Normally, when it homes the Z axis it will home the bed first, which then moves back about 1-2" before the extruder is lowered onto the home switch. With my new extruder hooked up, the bed never moves back after homing and the Z-axis lowers onto the corner leveling pad instead. It is making contact and it’s seeing the connection since it does the quick down/tap/slow down/tap cycle like it does during leveling, but then just repeats this cycle over and over again. That’s all I get, and it just loops at this point.

If I plug in my original extruder, everything works perfectly without issue.

Anyone seen this before? Any thoughts? It’s really frustrating and doesn’t make sense. Thanks in advance.

The endstop wiring on the Mini and Taz 6 toolheads are different, my first thought on this is that most likely your X-Max endstop is remaining triggered because of the difference in the wiring. If you haven’t already I would try moving the wiring on the endstop on your toolhead.
Here is how the endstop wiring will normally look on a Mini toolhead: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/media/uploads/IMG_4194.JPG.600x0_q85.jpg
Here is how the endstop wiring will normally look on a Taz 6 toolhead: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/media/uploads/IMG_6083.JPG.600x0_q85.jpg
Be sure to completely power off and unplug your printer before making adjustments to your wiring.