Taz 6 - Newbie help- Head crashing into bed

Hi, I have acquired a Taz 6, with dual extruder 3 heads. When I try to auto Home the unit, the head descends until it contacts the bed, then keeps pushing, and will not stop trying to push down, nearly breaking the machine, until i shut off the power. Is there a factory reset I can do to start over with the positions? I have no idea what the previous user did to this machine. My next step is to try customer service, but any help here to get me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Where is it crashing into the bed? At the home position? On the dual extruded version 3 There’s an adapter that fits over the original homing round switch on the bed. Is that piece there?

See step 11 here:

Thanks for the feedback. I do have the printed mount part shown in the instructions, but appears to be missing the additional metal disc.
Even so, shouldn’t the machine stop as soon as it contacts the existing metal disc? In my case, it keeps pushing down, until I have to power down.


That is actually a button and not a disk for leveling. It needs to be depressed prior to it stopping.

Step 11 goes through the part that is necessary for this to function.

You would think right!? But no, since no limit switches were activated it keeps on going. That’s why you need that adapter part. You can probably rig something up like use a quarter or a washer the size of the missing metal disc, etc…

Got it! I was missing the point that it was actually a button.

So, that’s exactly what I did, subbed in a
couple of washers and a quarter.

thanks all.

This exact same thing happens to me only I have a single extruder. The times vary sometimes it will crash at the beginning of the print and sometimes it will crash in the middle of printing and dig into whatever im printing at the moment. I think it may by a software issue but im replacing the z axis motors just in case. I’ve looked everywhere but couldn’t find a way to factory reset it. Any advice?