z axis issues maybe missed steps?

On my TAZ5 the z axis does not seem to get to the correct height. As the print gets higher the nozzle.starts hitting the part. I only used manual bed leveling.

It’s very easy to test. Mark where your extruder is at when Z home, then use software (Pronterface, repetier host…) to move it up 100mm and measure how high it moves.

I am going to take a wild guess that it’s correct but you are printing with PLA and fan at 100%, this causes the PLA to rise up a bit and ends up running into the nozzle. If so, set the fan to 60% and it should stop this while still providing enough cooling.

If not then post back what you found with your test (100mm Z) and more info like what material you print with, temperatures, speed and maybe a photo of the issue?

i apologize i have been trying to post a photo from my p phone but get low memory errorsz. Im printing abs at 240/ 110 temps max infill is the fasteat at 60mm/sec. Isuspect the left z lead screw is missing at timea. I hcansee and hear the print head banging overan object.

I leveled the bed with almost 0 clearance and added a Z offset of 0.5 .i am not clear how much is the correct clearance. I wws going tolook at cura source to see what incan find. I think the sliced sets z to the Ist layer height prior to extruding, but 0 is possible too maybe. I was going ton. Add autobed leveling but threre does not seem to be any up todate info. Do i use a probe, a servo,a micro switch? Metal conductve corners?or is mattercontrol enough.

In the picture below you can see where the nozzel drug across the top layer. I think the spare balls are verextrusion to. I swear I have head the left motor making tick tick noises with no m0vent. Help please!!\

oh i also included m204 x192 y208 z3 in the start code