Z-Axis Nut Carrier Slic3r issue

I’ve had a TAZ 3.1 for a month or so and am working on printing the required parts to upgrade it to a TAZ 4. I’ve now printed my third pair of Z-Axis nut holders that have split in the middle. I happened to go check on them this evening while they were printing and actually witnessed the error that causes them to fail. I thought they were cooling oddly despite the “low effort” enclosure I built for the machine after the 2nd pair of failed parts.

This error happened at a z-axis height of 17.0mm (actually, the layer or two before.) Print sequence is as follows:

  1. Printed full layer with infill
  2. Printed a support layer
  3. Printed a full layer with infill
  4. Printed a support layer
  5. Printed just the line at the front of the sloped section, skipping the rest of the perimeter and infill (see photo)
  6. Printed a support layer
  7. Attempted to print a full layer with infill, this failed miserably due to “step 5” above.

I’m using the stock Slic3r ABS-Medium profile with an adjustment for filament diameter and 50% slower print speeds. I’ve sliced this twice now, once with some additional parts and once with a pair of these nut holders alone. In both cases they failed to print at the same elevation.

I’m going to try slicing them with a different ABS profile, but figured I’d see if someone has an obvious suggestion that I’ve been overlooking…I’ve only been at this for a month and am resisting the urge to throw a piece of AL angle in the milling machine and crank out these nut holders the “old fashioned” way!

It would help if you post your gcode file as well, so we can see if it’s the slice.

I’ve attached the g-code file to this post. I just realized that I sliced it with Slic3r 1.2.5 which is still in the experimental phase. I’m going to try re-slicing it tonight with 1.1.7. If you’re curious you can load the file into printrun and scroll up to the layers previous to 17.0mm. It was at this layer that I stopped the prints in the photo. I’ll let you know if I have different results with the 1.1.7 slice which I should have time to print tomorrow.

If it turns out that it’s Slic3r 1.2.5 that caused the issue is there someone that I should submit the g-code & STL files to in order to assist with development? I’m new to 3D printing, but intend to be a contributing member to the community whenever possible.
Nut Mounts 2nd.gcode (6.01 MB)

I use this gcode viewer, allows to see a 3d model

With your supplied gcode I see a gap in the model. Id suggest trying cura.

I’ll have to check out that viewer, glad that you were able to confirm what I saw while it was printing. I’ve downloaded Cura and will give it a try as well. I re-sliced it with the 1.1.7 release and will check it with the program you suggested before trying to print. I got my head wrapped around all of the Slic3r settings, will have to look more closely at Cura to see the advantages/disadvantages.

Edit: Just checked the g-code file out in the link you provided…very cool. There’s definitely a missing layer.