Z Axis offset

Can this be set and stored in the firmware or should I always use the Z Axis offset in Cura? I tend to have the first couple of layers print wide and I’m starting to think it must be the Z axis offset.


M212 Z# would be the equivalent of setting a z-offset in eeprom. But I recall trying once and it seemed to be hardcoded with no way to write on LB (or normal) version of Marlin. Note in the RepRapWiki, it mentions that this may only be writable in Printrbot’s version of Marlin.

The Mini’s auto-leveling process should be pretty good. Just need to make sure the wiper, nozzle and touch pads are clean of residual filament.

When you say “wide”, you mean the first layer flares out a bit? That’s probably early signs that the above mentioned needs to be cleaned. The nice thing about having the first layer flare out is that the bottom surface will be completely smooth with no extruded filament markings… you can offset the flaring by decreasing the flow rate by 1-2%.

by default the software prints the first layer wider than the others. If you go into expert mode on cura you can see something like first layer flow increase percentage. you can bring that down to 100% if you wish.

There is a way to adjust it in the beginner mode too. You just have to find the file (Ini file I think)