Z-Hop settings Taz5

What height is everyone using for Z-hop? I am getting a lot of nozzle drag when moving across the part. I had a print last night fail because the nozzle dragged and pulled some of the first layer up with it.

If your nozzle is dragging through the first layer of a print, that sounds more like your end stop on your z axis is set too low. If you are getting scratches and scars on your top layer, that is something that can be offset with z hop. Z hop only works after a retraction when the nozzle is traveling. Not when the nozzle is extruding.

Also check that you’re not over-extruding… spot measure the filament diameter, or dial down the flow multiplier.

An easy way to recover during a print is to use the dial on the LCD panel… the knob seems defaults to FR on my TAZ5, turning will increase and decrease flow percentage.

If you have a fragile print… lots of columns, then enable nozzle retract (in addition to filament retract) on move in the slicer program.