Z Layer Problems Every 30mm

I’ve been having serious print problems for the last few months. Prints fail after 30mm in height. The filament either stops extruding or I get really poor layer adhesion or actual splits. On tall prints, the problem seems to happen around every 30mm. Makes me think there’s something wrong with the Z axis screws, but I don’t see any physical problems. It’s driving me mad!

Using a Taz 5 Flexy Dually print head with PLA at .3mm layer height.

Tried yet another print, this time .2mm layer with 10% infill. Same problem. At around 30mm in height, the printer decides to crap out for a layer or two.

Is it always the same model? There may be an issue with the Stl file. Can you post it here?

Here’s the STL. It seems to print fine on my Printrbot Simple Metal.
BridgeBack.stl.zip (163 KB)

The interface is a little rough on the model at the bell join point, but it’s failing above that and it is manifold. If you can, I’d try extruding the center section down into the lower bell section 3-4mm to clean that up a little bit, but it should still print anyways. You could try bumping the layer temperature up a little bit (2-5 degrees) and see if that helps. You do have a little Z wobble evident, which is not uncommon with a heavier X carriage. Your bed leveling seems to be slightly lower on the right side, That could also be an X axis offset.

From what you describe, it seems to be an extrusion problem.
-How is your filament being fed? using the stock system? I am not familiar with it on a dual extrude system, but perhaps the filament is binding after a little while of printing. How tight is the filament when it is printing at 30mm?

I’m using the standard Lulzbot extruder feed. Spool attached to frame, filament into the tube which feeds into the extruder. Nothing custom or unique. The idler screws are set to 10mm, so it’s not too tight and not too loose. Bed seems to be level, as the first layer is usually pretty clean.

Just throwing out there I think I remember reading about some z-axis stepper motor controller heat sinks coming loose causing them to freak out. I’ll see if I can find the post. Does the same behavior happen on any model of similar size? (Or one large enough to cause the same overheat?)