z-offset and 1st layer height

I’ve had my Taz 6 for a couple of years and recently replaced the standard bed with the new modular print bed. I’m also using the Lulzbot print head with a .35mm nozzle. Since installing the new bed my first layer seems very thin and I’m getting very strong adhesion to the bed in comparison to with the standard print bed. So I’d like to set refine my z-offset and Cura initial layer height settings. The problem is that I don’t understand the relationship between these parameters.

Using PLA in Cura, for example, I use these settings:
nozzle diameter: .35mm
layer height: .14mm
initial layer thickness: .3mm

Working with Lulzbot support, they’ve suggested that with a .35mm nozzle and using calipers to check, my first layer should be .33mm. They suggested I adjust my z-offset to make that happen.

So given the Cura parameters I’ve listed, does this seem right? Should the Cura initial layer thickness be smaller (.3mm) than my measured goal of first layer height at .33mm?


What does your first layer height look like in comparison to your set height? Is it less than the .3 layer height or what. You may need to adjust your settings for the new bed characteristics.