TAZ4 Printing Problems

Hey Friends,

Long time fan, first time poster. I’m attempting to print a calibration rig, but the prints themselves are just not working out. As you can see in the following images - Taz seems to occasionally be missing the perimeters. I wasn’t sure if this infact was the Taz’s fault, or the .gCode. Any thoughts?

Here is an image of the prints (followed by an image of the model).

I’m using the LulzBot medium no support profile in Slic3r with a fairly high resolution .STL https://s3.amazonaws.com/vigesharing-is-vigecaring/ss/CircleTolerances_0001mm.stl

And here is my .gCode https://s3.amazonaws.com/vigesharing-is-vigecaring/ss/CircleTolerances_0001mm_med-no-support.gcode

Bed was leveled just prior to the print. Using lulzjuice to pre-treat the print bed.

Any thoughts on how to improve these prints? Thanks!

What filament type & brand, what’s the hot end, and bed temps, enclosure? Looks to me like bad filament or hot end not hot enough?