1.75mm filliament variant of the taller extruder modification

I don’t run 1.75mm filliament myself, but I know someone who has a need to run it, and they wanted the taller extruder mount if possible. This is based of DiscoJohn’s version and the lulzbot Fangtooth/Guppy 1.75mm extruder body. I’ll probably also make a 3.0mm version without that wierd flappy wing part above the motor mount. There will be a specific idler for this at some point as well

Extruder_-_Spacer.stl (43.6 KB)
Taller_Extruder_1_75_mm_filliament_body_3_0_a.stl (361 KB)

Actually the Idler arm didn’t fight me at all, so here it is too. Also posted for conveniance is the stock Lulzbot Idler arm latch.
Taller_Extruder_1_75_mm_filliament_Idler_Arm_2_0_a.stl (93.6 KB)
extruder_latch_v2.1.stl (29.8 KB)

Aaand, what the heck, here’s the 3.00mm filliament variant as well. Stock lulzbot Idler arm and Extruder latch are posted as a conveniance but have not been modified.
Taller_Extruder_3_00_mm_filliament_body_3_0_a.stl (424 KB)
extruder_idler_block_v1.4.stl (92.3 KB)
extruder_latch_v2.1.stl (29.8 KB)
Extruder_-_Spacer.stl (43.6 KB)

Good work!

Nice work! Maybe someone can post some before/after printed part pictures? To be honest, I can’t see a real difference on the pictures on Thingiverse, but that may be due to the resolution there…

Aside from the one being 1.75mm filliament, there are only 2 major visible changes from DiscoJohn’s. The first is the large nonstructural section of the “fin” immediately above the Extruder motor has been cut back to the area that is actually structural. Most of that was left over from the previous variant Discojohn made his from. The other piece is the shorter mounting bolt location. That allows for a shorter mounting bolt, and makes for an easier filliament path for the guide tube. I guess the third major visible change is that it says “'3.00” on the front too. DiscoJohn’s version still works great. The 3.00mm version I posted is just slightly lighter.

Yes, I ment the difference between DiscoJohn’s version and the stock one. I’m interested into it, but not shure if it’s realy changing something based on the pictures on thingiverse…

Oh, the huge change is the tall piece that goes all the way up to the extruder carriage bolt hole. The stock extruder only bolts to the carriage at the two bottom boltts that hold the hot end to the cold end. The taller variant adds a 60mm tower to the top of the extruder to allow it to take advantage of the third bolt up at the top of the extruder carriage, locking the whole assembly together and dramatically improving cornering performance. Without this on a stock Taz 5 extruder carriage, the extruder tends to flex forward and back in the Y axis direction up to 0.15mm. With this modification it eliminates all of the nozzle flex. It’s definitly worth the extra weight.

Step files if anyone would like them of the extruder bodies
Taller_Extruder_3_00_mm_filliament_body_3_0_a.stp (4.13 MB)
Taller_Extruder_1_75_mm_filliament_body_3_0_a.stp (4.09 MB)

I added a filament tube holder and printed one, I’m curious if there is a visible improvement to the parts. Only a M3x50 screw is missing at the moment :unamused:

Extruder_Body_3mm.stl (3.1 MB)

Very nice! I’ll be printing this tonight.

piercet, you wrote the base for the part was discojons extruder (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1149597). But your part is different in the upper screw hole and won’t fit my TAZ 5. What’s going on there, did you modify it for another TAZ or a custom extruder mounting plate? Or I’m too stupid to mount this one :bulb:

You will see it is for a Lancewood/Mangrove/TAZ6 carriage mount, on discjons Thingiverse page. So not for a standard Taz 5 mount.

The Lancewood / Mangrove / Olive x carriage mount moves the extruder assembly right approximately 7 mm IIRC to make room for the left side cooling fan. I think I have a version somewhere that fits the stock Juniper x carriage if you want to use it. Honestly thougth, there is no reason not to upgrade to the olive carriage mount.

On your pictures you are using the “Stock TAZ 5” reinforced body, do you? (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1149597) I guess it’s this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:755184 which should fit a TAZ 5?

Not a good day for me :blush:

The photos on thingiverse are using the one you linked. unfortunately my picture aren’t the best, i now realize. At the time of the photos I had wantmys2000’s strengthened extruder body installed on the olive x carriage, hence you can see that i didn’t have the top bolt through the top of the extruder body. In the configuration pictured, it will not work as intended. However, using the files I had attached to the thingiverse page, or Piercets sliced and diced version, all will fit just fine.

The easiest way out of your situation will be to print the olive carriage mount, and install the extruder you have assembled.

I’ll update the photos on the thingiverse page tonight.

I guess my double sided fan wouldn’t fit the new extruder mount. I need to print a part tomorow morning so I’m already back to the original extruder body. That’s a good reason to redesign wantmys2000 design with a filament tube holder and maybe reduce the needed screw length to 50mm and reprint the part. To be honest my extruder body had a little bit of under extrusion, so it’s ok.