Is there a way to put a dual extruder fan on the taz5

I have a taz5 with a e3d v6 hotend. One of the modifications I want to do is add a second extruder fan on the other side of carriage plate. What are my options?

Print the taz 6 carriage parts in the olive folder under you will need a 40mm 5v fan to replace the crappy squirrel cage fan, a second 24v 40mm fan, and you will need to make a y splitter for your filament cooling fan run.

Just downloaded the parts. Will the chassis body fit the TAZ5 without modifications?

Yes. The only modifications required are the wiring to split the fan signal to the second fan.

Edit: make sure you grab the new carriage mount socket piece (the small bottom piece that the triangle wedge shaped piece on the extrude carriage goes in) too, it has a cutout on it that you may need for clearance.

Hey Piercet, do you know why there’s a cutout on the carriage guide v2.0? I have printed and test fitted the Olive carriage, including all of them new fan mounts, left, right, front and it’s sitting on a v1.0 (stock Taz 3) and nothing is even close to hitting it.

Also, one other issue I have is since I upgraded to the olive Carriage, I can’t seem to find a way to make the strengthened extruder body work with the 60mm M3 screw… the holes do not line up.

The 6 has an X maximum endstop as well as the X minimum endstop found on all previous Taz units. I believe the cutout allows clearance for that actual endstop switch, which mounts off the right hand side fan somehow. You can see it here:

The taller extruder bodies, if you are using my variants, should fit that extruder without too much difficulty. It’s possible that the carriage mount guide socket is up too high, or you may need to trim some off of the end of the new taz 6 extruder carriage mounting tab. How far off is it? You can also bore out the bolt hole slightly with an m3 drill if it is pretty close. there is alot of meet there, so it won’t weaken the structure if you don’t take very much off.

That makes a lot of sense now. Can you send me a link to your version of the extruder body?

Sure, they are these ones: - 3.00mm fillament - 1.75mm fillament - 3.0mm E3D V6 hotend specific