1 Full set of Openbuilds X, Y and Z with Antiwobble for Taz 5 parts for sale - details inside

As some of you probably know, I occasionally sell sets of my openbuilds modification parts on commission. I recently had a set rejected by a customer for some ringing around some of the holes (I apparently had a bearing fail on my bed that was causing some excess vibration) and they didn’t wish to accept the parts. Upon examining the returned parts, I believe they are structurally sound, flat, level and true, and as such I am going to go ahead and offer them for sale at a steep discount to recoup my plastic and parts cost. These pictures are of the actual part set, and is a mix of black and blue. I’m throwing in a metal backplate as well as an incentive.

I’m asking $170 shipped to a domestic US address for the XYZ and antiwobble set with a metal backplate, which is officially the least expensive set you will ever see of these in the entire history of the earth. This includes the drill guides for installing the front accessible belt tensioner and for drilling the bed plate. It’s about 6.5 lbs of push plastic ABS. All heat set inserts are pre installed. The Anti wobble is a complete assembled unit ready for bolting on.

I am certainly willing to part this out if you would prefer Just an X or Y axis, etc. I also do have bed plates drilled available separately. First come first serve. The pictures below are of the actual parts, If you need additional detail I can post more pictures of whichever part you want to see.

Thank you for your time

Parts are sold, thank you!