2.1 extruder on Taz 5

I was planning on buying another extruder with a smaller nozzle and really like the fan setup on the Taz6, however i have a Taz 5. Is it possible to connect a 2.1 extruder to the taz 5?

Yes, Assuming you have a V2C connector on your TAZ 5.
We have the steps on our web page listing https://itworks3d.com/product/lulzbot-taz6-single-extruder-tool-head-v2-1/

“Installing the TAZ 6 V 2.1 on your TAZ 5? You’ll need to make the following modifications:
– Bend the X min switch lever
– Print and install a TAZ 6 X Carriage Guide
– Adjust the cooling settings in your profiles for the additional cooling
(With thanks to Joseph):
– Some TAZ 5 V2C toolhead harnesses have 2 locating pins to prevent plugging the toolhead in backwards. As the TAZ 6 adds a sense wire that is not needed on the TAZ 5, one of the locating pins will need to be removed from the TAZ 5 harness. You can remove the pin by pushing in the small silver retaining tab on the connector housing.
– You may also need to adjust your build plate size in whatever slicer you are using. Having bent the switch out, the extruder now thinks the edge of the bed is about 6mm to the right of its actual edge.”