Taz 5 to Taz 6 v2.1 upgrade

Question #1:

Jamie at itworks3d.com tells me I can upgrade my Taz 5 Single Extruder to v2.1 using these componenets:

Is there an official OHAI or Lulzbot guide to this upgrade that will show me all of the printed components I will need, the sizes of the brass inserts, wiring, programming?

Question #2:

I see this guide on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1149597 which appears to be a Taz 5 extruder upgrade, but is this more than what I want or need vs. the v2.1?

I am a mechanic by trade, so I am familiar with wiring and mechanical aspects of these upgrades, but relatively new to 3d printing (7 months), so the programming part/Gcode is where I would need help.

Thanks in advance,


There isn’t an official guide for upgrading the extruder to the new version of the extruder toolhead, but the general steps are going to be as follows:

  1. Split the fillament cooling fan power lead and attach it to two 24v 40mm fans to cool from both sides.
  2. Replace the 5v squirrel cage fan witha 5v 40mm fan
  3. Print the stock carriage and the upgraded fixed idler that relieves the stress as found in the tech bulliten in the forums. You should be able to reuse the stock body. Or alternativly print the modified one you linked. Or my variant of that one.
  4. Add heat set inserts (m3) to the fan mount hole hardpoints. There should be two per side fan, and one for the middle fan.
  5. print the fan shrouds from the stock taz 6 download.lulzbot.com folder or the ones from the modified set.

Thank you once again.

Check out this tutorial from Print Your Mind 3D:

Thank you CopperTop, this is exactly what I was looking for.