3d models of taz5, need help finding files.

Hey new to the whole printing stuff thing. But anyone know where i can download the files of the tax5 parts to print replacement stuff. Some of my parts are wearing out fast. Thank you

Here’s the source directory with the printable parts: http://download.lulzbot.com/TAZ/5.0/production_parts/printed_parts/

They are also included on your SD card that came with your printer.

Ummm…what parts could be wearing out that fast?
Herringbone gears perhaps?
The small herrringbone gear has been our only casualty regarding printed parts on our TAZ4.
Just curious what else I might need to consider having spares of.

Right? Good grief. I had orderd a Taz4 the day before the Taz5 was announced and i got my order changed to the Taz 5 so I assume I have one of the first ones off the line. Mine has been running nearly 24hrs a day since I got it home. I am seeing zero signs of wear at all. Even on the herringbone gears. I did print a backup small one as suggested from another thread.

As stated, the parts are on your SD card as well as the dev site. Orias recently hooked up the dev and download sites with FTP access so getting the files is even easier now :slight_smile:

My bad i so missed the files on their, dee ta dee. But yeh the Herringbone gears are showing alot of wear allready. Big one has plastic dust build up. Ty you guys for the help.

Update: Printed a new one just in time. Started a Halo helmet build and the main Herringbone broke a tooth. Oh Well into the trash and on with the new one. Quick? Whats the best all around program to use to print with. this is the second print that got ruined because of random stuff. First was an ironman helmet, burned that sucker, guess it was on the bed to long. It would be nice if it could save your place and you could just continue the print, maybe im being a noob.

I feel you wolfie, i was about to order the taz4, then the next morning when i was ready to bite the bullet, TAZ5. yea baby