Taz 5 - Spares to Print?

Hi all, just loving my Taz but giving it a real work out lately. So I had my first breakage, the flip down carrier that you rotate out of the way when changing filament. It cracked in half. So I have managed to repair it with super glue and found the replacement parts on the SD card (great work Lulzbot!!)

So it begs the question what if I am not so lucky getting the machine back working enough next time to create a replacement part.

So are there any other parts on my Taz that people recommend printing off a spare part whilst everything is back in order?

Is there a diagram anywhere on the net that shows each part and its name?

Thanks in advance.

one large herringbone gear and several small herringbone gears. These are both parts that see a lot of wear during normal use.

Heyo, just a heads up. We made a change to that idler block, and may want to print the updated one found here: https://www.lulzbot.com/sites/default/files/extruder_idler_service_bulletin.pdf

Aside from that, a spare set of gears is always nice to have on hand.

Thanks for that!! I must admit when I printed the new one and saw how tight the shaft was I thought thats not right, no wonder it broke. So I spent a little time with a blade and trimmed it so it wasn’t as hard to fit. But I will print the new one though, thanks for the heads up. What also happened was I think because it wasn’t working properly the grooves in the drive shaft were full of the material I was printing last so i spent some time and cleared all that out.

Is there an exploded view drawing available that shows the locations and names of all the parts?

bumping an old post…

Is the list/recommendation the same for a Taz 5 equipped with a Flexy Dually v2?

Yup, pretty much. You might want to up the small gear count.