3D printer troubles

Hey, so I have been having a problem with my printer(This is my first 3D printer and I’m new to this so spare me) My printer will start to print something, but after a couple minutes into the print, it will detach from the bed. but it only does this with certain items(I’ve noticed that it does this to prints that start with a circular base) I’ve been able to print other things fine but this problem just appeared out of nowhere. My filament also bubbles, like it is too hot. But It is at the recommended nozzle temperature.

I’m so confused please help!

In this case, a picture is NOT worth a thousand words. Details like what printer, what filament, what bed temperature, what filament temperature, etc. The more information you provide, the better the help we can give.

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What is the recommended temp for the filament you’re using? Have you tried adding 20 degrees to the print temperature and trying again?

It looks like the product is sticking to the bed, but if it isn’t, print with a brim or other surround, then if that doesn’t work- increase the bed temperature while printing. Maybe 10 or 20 degrees on the bed temp.

You can temporarily increase bed or tip temperatures through your computer I think. On the TAZ 6 you can do it directly on the machine’s LCD menu while it’s printing.

You can also duplicate a setting for some material, using an existing profile like ‘Polymaker PLA’ in Cura. Then rename that profile, increasing temperatures for bed+tip as I mentioned.

Some filament arrives at your home NOT as advertised, and sometimes you have to make adjustments to make a roll work. In my experience, anything translucent needs higher temps to sit on the bed at all, even with glue. The clear PLA can be pretty challenging.

More than you wanted to know! Hope this helps.