3D Scanner Solutions with Taz?

I have a Taz 6 and was fiddling with trying to replicate real things as an experiment. I started with taking photos and Photoshopping together things that could be constructed into models and such (e.g. extrusions)… I ran across a Thingaverse project that uses a cellphone cam to revolve an object on a turntable to upload to the ‘cloud’ to convert to a 3D model… that looks interesting.

There’s commercially produced 3D scanners (some also based on open-source ideals like Taz is, which is cool).

Most interestingly, I ran across some references to where the print head on a 3D printer was replaced with a scanner head, and then the gcode is used to make precision scans… how interesting is that? I like the idea of using Taz to scan things since all the precision mechanics and such are there already, and undo one screw… replace the head and scan.

So, I guess the question is, what’s are people using now? I’m willing to pay a few hundred for a scanner, what are the options? Any interest in a Taz ‘scanner’ head? (Or does such a thing already exist??)



(ps- this is a new account for this forum, but not my first post here. I lost my old account when I got a new computer.)