ABS Layer strength


I am trying to make a radio mounting bracket out of ABS. The sides are 3.5mm, I find I can snap them off very easy.
I am getting a great print, I am happy with everything else. I created a small test print, it is 3.5mm X 30mm X 80mm.
I have been printing it and adjusting may settings. I have not yet been able to find the perfect settings to give me a strong
test. I am starting to wonder if I am expecting too much of the ABS? Is it normal to snap off or should it bend and twist?

Thank you



  • Extruding a little hotter - this could help the adhesion to the previous layer.
  • Turn the object on its side. Prints are stronger when the extrusion is continuous.
  • Post process - If its ABS, dip it in acetone… or paint acetone on the surface.