ABS pt50 nozzle config?

I see there is gcode for a pt50 nozzle, are these the production files the machines are printed from?

Is the slic3r config available? I only see pt35 configs in the download section for ABS anyways.

Mot of the .50 printing occured on the AO-10x machines I believe. You can basically use a copy of your existing profiles and just change the nozzle size from .35 to .50. The starting layer height should be fine. You may also be able to turn up the speed a bit. You could also go grab the old Ao-101 profiles for .50 and take that and resize it for a 300mm bed.

thx Ill try the old.

Tried changing the nozzle from .35 to .5 but its looks like its over extruding. I assumed the extrusion widths were also in need of change. corners were over extruded and hole dims were off.