Y axis Thwap Thwap?

I recently got my lulzbot mini and I believe there is a problem with the Y axis. There is a strange noise coming like thwap thwap… like something is scraping. Prints are fine just there is a noise where there shouldn’t I believe. https://youtu.be/61Z_4rZKD-o
I included a video. The sound is kinda faint in the video so I hope some experienced users can identify what it is. It has been just a lil more than 24 hours :frowning:

Here are the possibilities for what is making that sound, in order of likeliness:

  1. There is a belt end loose that is rubbing on the rest of the belt when the bed is in motion
  2. The entire belt is loose
  3. The small setscrews on the Y motor pulley are loose and shifting
  4. You are one of the lucky owners of a mini with a broken Y motor shaft.
  5. It’s a bad idler bearing
  6. it’s something on the Y rods that needs cleaned off

Can you also tell me what I need to do to fix them?

So I played around a little bit… Now thwap thwap sounds like a freaking pigeon in my printer. :laughing: Any help? Such noise much annoy help pls :slight_smile: