So long time lurker and recent purchaser of a used TAZ 2.0 from EBay. I have had a lot of fun working with this excellent printer and have added a fan that I purchased from the Lulzbot site. Recently I tried printing and found that as the print climbed higher I seen more issues in the layers (see pictures below). Just looking for any friendly advice on what I might need to tweak or update. I am using Lulzbot’s medium config file for slic3r and using pronterface as my application. I have measured and taken the average of the filament I am using. Thanks in advance to any and all that take the time to look at this with me!

If you are using ABS that splitting in the TIE Interceptor solar array wing is due to ABS shrinking as it cools. Print that with PLA and it should be fine.

Thank you! I also went to the filament forum spot and seen that I need to keep my ambient temperature up in the printer area as well to help with ABS.