Aerostruder (Lulzbot Mini V1) problems with gripping?

So basically the toolhead has worked perfectly. After a long period of non use I am having issues with the toolhead gripping the filament.

If I push the filament in manually after the homing and heating process it works. If I dont it will not be able to grab and extrude.

I have tried

a) Making the knob all the way tight

b) making knob a little looser

c) cold pulling

d) heating, removing and extruding any extra filament.

Anyone have any tips for how to solve this?

Few things I can think to check:

Is the extruder grinding filament? Because if it’s not extruding the filament it should be grinding it. If it is, then it may be either a clog (maybe a small foreign particle lodged in the tip or some damage to the orifice itself) that is preventing filament from extruding cleanly, or a temperature issue (likely thermistor) that is telling the printer the nozzle is at a higher temp than it actually is. In either case, you might be able to push filement through manually that the extruder can’t. So double-check the nozzle temp, and possibly change to a fresh nozzle.

If there is no filament being ground, then you need to check the extruder itself. Check that the idler is not cracked. Check that the knurls on the hobbed bolt haven’t worn smooth, which means less bite on the filament, leading to slippage. And check that the extruder motor is not skipping steps, which may point to a failing z-driver.

FYI: the Titan Aero (Aerostruder) is also sensitive to heat creep, and if it’s not getting sufficient cooling it will not extrude properly. If the extruder cooling fan is not running or is installed backwards (the sticker on the fan should face towards the heatsink) the extruder will exhibit this behavior.