All kind of errors

Hi All,

So I am complete new to this but hopefully, you can help me. My school was getting rid of Taz 6 because it needed a motherboard replaced. I followed the instructions, updated the firmware, and I was trying to do a test prints. Here’s where all the problems come in.

Trying to switch out the filament, I get a “ERR: MINTEMP: E1 printer halted” message.

Trying to home to head, I get a “Homing Failed: Printer Halted” and it screams at me

When I turn if off and turn it back on. The Z rises but it never touches the bed. And it keeps rising.

How do I fix this? Can I fix it? how badly did I screw this up?

MINTEMP: E1 - are you running a dual printhead? If yes, the thermistor on E1 (second extruder is E1, first is E0) isn’t reading an increase in temperature, and shutting down for safety. If you’re not running a dual printhead, the firmware thinks you have one, is not seeing the thermistor, and shutting down for safety. If you are running dual printhead firmware, and have a dual printhead attached, check that it’s plugged in right.

When the z raises, what happens if you press the zeroing button (the silver button toward the back left of the bed)?

If you can take some good pictures of the wiring of the board (I know it’s tough with so many wires in the way) that will go a long way to helping, as it seems you’ve got some wires plugged into the wrong places.

Also, have you followed the OHAI site for the control box? there’s also the mod for z sense: OHAI: Open Hardware Assembly Instructions (

Hi, thanks for the reply. Its a single head and I’ve managed to fix the problem. Now my only issue is the temp error. I have followed the instructions. But I’ve noticed that for thermistor T1, T2, and T0 arent the same as the pictures they show follow along with (Yellow and orange wires are switched). Could that be the problem? I will try to get good pictures. What would be the best way to double check if my firmware is correct?

heres one photo. I have couple more but I can only do one at a time

Looks like your E0 and E1 thermistor wires are swapped. E1 goes to the upper plug, E0 goes down through the case.

That has worked perfectly. Thank you so so much!