Annoying "chatter" on Y axis

Hello all,

I am getting an annoying “chatter” (for lack of a better word) when the Y axis moves during prints. It does not happen when the bed is near the end of the Y travel (printing on the front of the bed) but when printing at the back of the bed it makes a rather loud racket. It only seems to make the noise when the bed is moving from the back to the front. Front to back is nice and quiet. The rods seem to be tight in the holders. If I lightly squeeze the smooth rods it will run quietly. Lulzbot says not to lube the rods as the bearings are self lubricating. I have cleaned and cleaned them but it does not help. Does anyone have any suggestions to quiet the bed travel? I am almost to the point of lubricating the rods. On the Ingus web site it says the bearings may be lubricated but it might lead to increased wear in dusty conditions but it will be worth it for some peace and quiet!

Any ideas?


May or may not be related, but a while back my bed made noise when traveling in one of the y-directions (can’t remember if it was forward or backward). I took the glass build plate off, loosened the screws that attach the Ingus bearing holders, then reached under the aluminum bed support and pulled the bearing holders out to the side while retightening the screws.

It worked for me to eliminate the y-travel noise, but it sounds like your noise might be of a more severe nature than mine was so there may be something different going on.

Thanks inventabuild.

That seems to be the issue. I loosened the screws and moved the build plate to the back of the machine and retightened. That reduced the noise considerably. I think if I pull them out a little it will be quiet. The spacing on the bearing holders seems to be pretty critical. I squeezed them together a little for the first try and the bed would not travel all the way to back of the machine.