Cleaning Y axis

Good evening…

So my Y axis (the one the bed moves on) makes a horrible buzzing noise as the bed moves from back to front… not sure if it’s the rods, or the motor. I’ve had the printer for about 3 weeks now I think. I wouldn’t expect it to be dirty yet… but who knows. Sounds like a buzzing noise as it travels past the half way point. I tightened the screws holding the stepper motor on the back, and it seems to have helped a smidge… but it still makes alot of noise.

Any ideas on how to stop it? or clean the rods if that’s the issue?

edit: For whatever reason the youtube link isn’t showing

Hi, I’m having the exact same issue so I would love to know if you have found a solution to the noise. So far it does not seem to be effecting print quality but it would be great to find to source of the buzzing.

Indeed I did.

Lulzbot told me to clean the rods with some steel wool… however, before I did that, I carefully removed the 4 washers and lifted the glass and heatbed to expose the aluminum bed. The screws that hold the pieces with the bearings were a little loose, so I tightened them a bit.

This removed all my buzzing noise from the Y axis.

Do not over-tighten though… from what it looks like, Lulzbot uses heat press nuts into the printed parts and you don’t want to over tightening them risking pulling them out. Just handtight did that trick for me.

Let me know how it goes!

Thanks for the response,
I tried both of those steps you took on your mini and it did help, however, I still have a small amount of rattle in the Y-axis every once and a while so I don’t know if there is still a spot on the rods that I didn’t clean well enough of if there is something loose under the build table where the belt is attached.
While I was cleaning the rods I also notice that the Y-axis belt was very high on the pulley and I was having a hard time pushing the build table to the home position ( I was doing this with the power on and the mini unplugged ) so I tried to work the belt lower on the pulley. That seemed to solve the loader squeaking I was getting when the Y-axis homed, however, the belt looks like its riding back up so I don’t think its a permanent solution to that noise.

I have this problem as well; a rubbing noise in the y-axis accompanied by black residue on the y rails. Pretty clearly some rubbing going on there. Given my previous woes with bed leveling crashes caused by a short in the bed leveling circuit, it’s possible that the nozzle caused deflection in the rails.

Anywhoo, after cleaning off the residue as best I could, I used white lithium grease very lightly on these rails, ran it back and forth a few times, then wiped it clean. It’s been quiet since, but I’m guessing I’ll have to do this periodically.

Had this exact problem before. Exact noise as well.

I tried the steel wool and it didn’t work for me. What I did is I sprayed some silicone based lubricant on the rod. That seemed to fix it.

You do not want to use lithium grease on the smooth rods. The rods use self lubricating bushings, and adding lubricant will greatly increase the rate at which they wear down. Having a spare set on hand may be a good idea for when the time comes.