Any interest in PEI tape?

I am looking into a company that can produce PEI (Ultem) adhesive backed tape in the same manner that say Kapton or PET is available. It is more expensive and thinner but less expensive than the current PEI bed material that is thicker and needs a double sided adhesive as well to apply.

I have a PEI bed myself (1/8") and one issue is that it is not absolutely flat like glass, my sheet has a few low spots though it’s not enough to cause an issue with printing.

But I am talking to a company to see what the cost would be to produce some 12" x 12" .003" Ultem with an adhesive that is .002" for a total thickness of .005" that is thin (about 0.127mm). It can be made thicker but the cost goes up the thicker it gets.

Just curious if there is any interest or if I am spinning my wheels as it were.

Isn’t this already available?


To reduce costs of replacing the PET tape I have come up with a good way of securing the part and removing it with less damage to the tape.

Hope this helps,