Ultem Print Surface

Has anyone on the forum or at Lulzbot tested the Ultem sheets instead of the PET tape?


Not yet, but I’m always down to try an improved bed sticker thingy. These don’t appear to be adhesive backed though. Oh well, I’ll order some and try it out anyways!

Edit: Looks like a company makes Ultim squares just big enough to fit with adhesive backing. http://catalog.cshyde.com/item/films/ultem-tape-with-adhesive/ultem-tape-36-10a-12-x-12?&bc=100|1002|3001043|3001153

I’ll order one of those and we’ll see how it works. I’m thinking i’ll grab the .010 and the .005 sheets to see which one seems to work best. I’ll let you know how it works when it gets here.

That stuff looks good. I emailed them to see what it would take get some of the .005 and .010" thick sheets.

I think I will try the 1/16th inch sheet from McMaster Carr.