Any reason this graphic smart lcd controller wouldnt work?

I’m tired of using a crappy old netbook and printrun to drive my printer and would like to get the graphic lcd controller and run off an SD card but paying $70 is way too much.
Would this work?

I assume I would need the RAMBO adapter:

Any other options that arent really expensive?

Yes, it will work and I can’t imagine finding a graphic controller for less than this. The board in the Amazon page even has the RRD name, URL and full graphic smart controller stenciled on it. I suppose there is some risk that the board is not compatible but they do link to a private Marlin distribution that has support so there would be enough “documentation” there to get it to work if required - provided you have the knowledge and time to do that if required.

BTW, the RAMBo adapter makes connecting A LOT easier. Before this device existed we would have to wire the glcd manually and that as painful.


Our cabling is way better, just sayin’.

I agree jabba, way too many projects start out to be “budget” and ended up taking 2-3 hours or more to compete. I value my time greatly but let’s say you value your time at $20/hr. It would be much more cost effective to purchase the purpose built product. And even more so in cases like this, I really dislike wiring!


The adapter shown in the product listing photo will only work on a RAMPS electroncis (AO-100, most DIY 3D printers used this kind of board), not the RAMBo electronics (All TAZ).

RAMPS electroncis adapter information:

For RAMBo electronics you’ll want to use this: (Great vendor, but they’re out of stock currently)


Just FYI…

I ordered this exact Sintron unit from Amazon. I had double checked the firmware (link on amazon site) and the schematics with the RepRapDiscount version. They appear identical, there were no differences in firmware or pins on the connectors.

It came in today and I hooked it up to my mini kossel that has a working GLCD connected. The Sintron unit did not work. I also tried it on 2 other printers with known working RRD GLCDs on a RAMBo board running Marlin, Smoothieware board and a X3 Pro board running Repetier. It didn’t work anywhere, just a flash on startup, a beep and a blank screen. I double checked the published schematics. I also, for grins, tried the supplied Marlin firmware on a RAMPS board with the RAMPS connector. It did not work.

I am returning it and I notice now that they are out of stock. A quick search on google shows that Sintron has a horrible rap on eBay and their shop was been closed in the last month or so.

Spare yourself the pain! Finding an original RRD GLCD in stock is a bit of a challenge but can be done if you look around.

man, I wish I had known that even the reprapdiscount smartlcd controller did not come with the adaptor appropriate for the RAMBo. I guess I wait another two weeks… :neutral_face:

just an fyi, I bought that RAMBo to Smarcontroller adapter 1.0a from ultimachine that is linked to in this post and it was NOT the correct adapter for the full graphic LCD controller. I know this seems obvious now, but if your in a rush, don’t just click on the link and buy.
as far as I can tell no one currently sells any adapter.

just for completeness I would like to report that I ended up wiring up the harness for the display myself and it works great. I did it based on the schematic posted in the Graphical Smart LCD Wiring Harness item links section. It was not terribly difficult, just nerve wracking and a bit expensive since I had to purchase the special molex crimper (I tried the one I already had and it was a definite no go), and I’m sure you all could do this for yourself. alternately I could do this for anyone else that is looking to get a lcd hooked up to their KitTaz and is frustrated like I was if they tossed a few coins my way :smiley:.

There’s also a pictoral step by step instruction set here if anyone needs it:

yes, but that only works if you already have the harness, no one (as far as I can tell) sells a harness as of right now, so I had to crimp up my own.