LCD Controller Retrofit

Any thought of offering something like the RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart LCD controller?
Looks like the wiring adapter is for RAMPS(?) but there’s a page on the RepRapWiki giving details for adapting to Rambo
This is an accessory that I would gladly buy through Lulzbot if they provided the “handholding” and excellent documentation…

We’ve attached those to our machines fine. They work. Perhaps someday we will sell a solution, but we don’t have one to sell right now.

elgullitch, until Lulzbot has them, you can buy a RamboLCD adapter board from SeeMeCNC here:

Video showing how it goes together:


Does anyone know where to get a Rambo adapater and will it work with the larger screen from Repdiscount? I only see ramps adapters. I did find the one on Seemecnc.