e3d Titan Upgrade

I just upgraded to an E3D Titan extruder. Used a mount found on Thingiverse and put a half height motor on it. Looks great, runs smooth but have a problem…It’s extruding in reverse! The motor faces the opposite way so its retracting :confused: . I am using the Marlin TAZ 5 Uaru firmware, I can’t find where the extruder info is, and I am not sure how to reverse it. How would I do this?

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

In the config.h file of the firmware there is an option like “reverse extruder” that can be false or true. Invert this setting.

That’s what I searched and couldn’t find anything on it. This is the only thing that looks close to it.

#define INVERT_E0_DIR true // for direct drive extruder v9 set to true, for geared extruder set to false

Is this it?

Yes that’s it! E0 is the first extruder.

Could you post some pictures of your installation?

Here you go! Can’t figure out how to make them rotate properly on the forum sorry.

Thanks that worked! I appreciate the help on that.

Thanks! I need to take some time to work on this. My Titan is currently hanging out in a drawer.

If you’re using a smaller motor you should mod the mount to make it more shallow so the motor sits closer to the X axis. I included the step files for the mount, should be real easy in 123Design (what I created the mount in in the first place).

Which motor are you using? I intend to upgrade to a smaller motor, just havent gotten around to it yet.

I’m using a nema 17 half height motor that I bought from luzbot. I originally wanted to just print that mount to see how far back the motor would actually go. I was using 1.75 millimeter filament with the extruder that comes with a luzbot and it doesn’t work that well with 1.75mm. I wanted to get the mount printed to test the titan (I was too excited to wait) so that I can have some time to play around with the step file which I also appreciate very much! I wanted to take some measurements seeing how much to remove from the mount to dail it in as much as I could. I couldn’t get some of the history of the step file when I opened it in solid works so I am trying to see if i need some plug-in or something.

Update!!! made a new mount for the half height motor! Didn’t have too much time to clean it up…Its a remake of someone else’s model. I had the Step file but it would not load the history in Solid works. I merged together the mount and the motor bracket to make it one piece. It works great and sits right up against the back plate. Now just need to re-position the bed to line up with the off set of the extruder. If any one has questions let me know and If any one has better ideas or better results please post!

Here are some pics of it on the printer…Also here is STL file for the mount.
E3d Titan Lulzbot Taz with half height motor.STL (180 KB)


How is it working for you?

Works great! Using PET so trying to figure out the best tension and the speed I can set the retraction to. I also made sure I adjusted my esteps and had to reposition the bed to make up for the off set of where the hotend sits(moved the bed about an inch to the right and about 3/4 of an inch forward) this move did not compromise the stability of the printer. Next trying to work on figuring out how much I can turn up the non print moves because its aboit 30% lighter with the smaller motor so I can make it a little bit faster. With my experience so far it’s much more reliable than the original extruder and I am not have issues with extruder sagging. I will be updating with any new info regarding different filaments, settings… basically anything that comes up! :smiley:

Thanks for the info!

Is anyone else having a problem with the Titan drive gear moving away from the driven gear enough that it starts slipping? It has happened twice on mine since I installed it.

The only time I experienced slipping was when I had the tensioner too tight… Is the top right face plate screw too loose or too tight? I noticed some if its too tight it gets stuck.

Thanks. I reduced tension on the tensioner and loosened the upper RH cover screw a bit. We’ll see what happens.

Can anyone help suggest the correct way to adjust the y offset when using the combo of this mount and the titan? I have tried several ways, but what I was seeing most was the #define y offset in the configuration.h but any time I uploaded it I see no difference. Probably a total novice question but I have spent entirely too much searching/experimenting at this point. Thanks in advance for any assistance. If I can provide any info I will be happy to do so.

Unbolt the bed frame and slide it in or out until its at the spot you need it to be, then lock it down again.