Any way to print all at once from left side to right side? (CURA)

Hey all, I just got my TAZ 5-- and this thing is a beast!

I am printing multiple low lying objects that have a small piece about 10mm high that wont clear the fan on right side of the V2 extruder. Now, if CURA would allow me to print one at a time working from the left side to the right side instead of randomly (it seems), then there would be absolutely no worry about possibly damaging the prints or extruder.

Is this possible to do?


I have the exact same question. I have very little experience with my TAZ 4 and was unable to figure out how to do it with CURA. I was however able to set this up by manually placing multiple objects in Slic3r and running it with pronterface. It was a pain to set it up this way but I am able to print 56 individual items 20mm tall moving from left to right so as not to hit the fan.

I would love to find an easier way to do this.