Trying to set up "One at a time" Printing

As the title says I am trying to set up “One at a time printing” in Cura.

Are there any directions online that I can find. My search has come up with nothing.


Well you should search again because we just had a discussion about it in the software forum.

Try “sequential printing” .

Well thanks for linking me to the discussion. :laughing:

Also, I can’t search for “one at a time printing” because it says there are too many small words.

When I look up Sequential printing all I find is a post about a feature they want to be included in the future.

I’ll keep looking

Edit: Only been able to find this post " going to see if these dimensions work. Thanks for the tip on searching for “Sequential printing” instead!

Edit 2: Just made these changes, but the printer still will not even attempt to print the objects one at a time. Nozzle is still moving from object to object. Putting down one layer then moving back to the other object.

Try this thread

I’m not surprised that you didn’t find it. The title doesn’t clearly link it to what you’re looking for.