Anyone grease the TAZ 6 z-axis lead screws?

Has anyone ended up putting grease on the ball screws of the TAZ 6? I know earlier generations had it but they went away from it for this version.

I have a pretty significant vibration/friction sound on positive Z moves on the right side. The same sound you get sliding a chair without foot pads across a floor.

The screw is a little rough in the area that I’m trying to address, it’s not every time but often enough that I would like to get rid of it.

Any better fixes?

  1. Check the Level of the bar. If it get out a little it is more prone to make noise.
  2. Yeah, after about 5 kilos I got a squeak. I greased the lead screws on mine per the manual. Stopped the noise instantly!


I had the exact same problem about two weeks after receiving my Taz 6, except the noise was on the left. I ended up getting a tube of silicone lubricating compound with PTFE. Just a little finger dab running up the length of both screws solved the problem immediately.