Magnetic Flex Sheet - PLA Filament

Just upgraded to the Flex Sheet bed. The adhesion is much worse than my standard PEI sheet. What are the advantages to this bed if not adhesion? What adjustments need to be made for different filaments?

Have you done the initial preparation to roughen the flex bed surface? Mine is a Wham Bam and there’s a good video where they show scrubbing with steel wool. I got a good result with 600 grit wet & dry. I imagine the same process will be required for any flex bed. Once sorted it works like magic for PLA and pretty well for ABS but keep the area warm & enclosed if possible to reduce edge lifting. (This sometimes resolves in higher layers if you can tolerate non-flat base) Still working brilliantly after several months and dozens of prints, only the occasional wipe with paper towel & metho to remove greasy fingerprints, maybe once in half a dozen prints

Which flex sheet bed? After getting the z offset set correctly, I get better results with the OctoGrab.

As for whambam or cheap imitators? I can’t say either way, but there’s a lot of PEI and PEX variants used on different brands, so you will have to dial-in your temperature and offsets (and probably your bed PID tuning) when you swap.

This flex bed is a textured bed. I’m not sure about using the steel wool on it. I’m hoping someone who has used this particular Lulzbot textured bed will chime in. I even tried PTEG on it. After the 1st or second layer the print lifted from the bed, didn’t just curl, but came loose completely.


I too have a flex textured bed but not on my Taz6. I find the first layer critical when printing PETG. I have the Wham Bam magnetic flex bed with PEX on my Taz6. I have no problem with adhesion when printing PETG or PLA via my .4mm nozzle.

What is your nozzle temp and bed temp? Also, do you know the first layer height and layer width?

Sorry I can’t help you with the textured bed. Hope you find a solution and please post the results

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I experienced the same problem, yesterday. I found that raising the temperature of the bed, to 65 degrees C instead of the Cura preset of 60, worked like a charm. The bed Adhesion was great after doing so. I hope that this helps. Good luck.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. I would presume that a higher temp would apply to other filaments as well, so I’ll try that too.

I had issues with PLA on my Lulzbot Flex bed initially as well. Hairspray does the trick for me. Interesting that you have issues with PETG though, I’ve had great results there. TPU on the other hand sticks really bad - I use hairspray with it to help as a release agent. I do agree with raising the temp a little.