Anyone using MacOS Mojave?

I’ve upgraded my MAC Pro to Mojave from High Sierra, and now I cannot connect to my Mini. It says connecting for a few seconds, then changes to “Can’t connect to printer.”

I’m using the latest version of CURA, but tried S3D too and the same thing. The fan in the Mini spins up but nothing else.

I’m guessing it’s a USB issue, but everything else works in them. Any ideas?

The first thing that I would do is connect your printer, turn it on, then open Cura. You can then try a firmware upgrade. Don’t worry about trying to connect first.

You also may have a permissions issue in Mohave. It was an issue with High Sierra and above.

I hope you followed the installation instructions:

There is a section in the directions about using the Open Anyway setting in your Security and Privacy Setting. If it doesn’t show up, There is a line of code that you’ll have to add using your terminal.

I can’t remember what the code is, so you’ll have to try contacting Tech Support. Or you can try contacting Apple Tech support if you have the extended maintenance plan.

It’s definitely an OS issue. I didn’t have any trouble with High Sierra, but will look into the permissions issue you mentioned.

I’d contacted AO tech support about 2 weeks ago, but sadly don’t believe I’ll hear back anytime soon.

You might want to give a call on Monday after 8:30 AM. Right now, there is only one tech rep working.

The problem is your Gatekeeper is blocking the installation. Here is a link that may help you.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at that.
Yeah, I figured Tech Support has more important things to address, and was hoping to resolve this without them.