New Mac Mini (M1 Chip) Cura Not Seeing Printer

Upgraded my Mac Mini to M1 - Taz Pro Printer. Mac sees the printer on the USB bus, but Cura Version 3.6.20 does not see the printer. Any ideas appreciated.

I have the same problem here on my m1 MacBook Air. Works fine via any other computer. Maybe it’s big sur?

I have a Mac Mini M1 using Cura LE 3.6.20 that prints just fine using Octoprint/Octopi on a Raspberry Pi 3B. I use it both on a TAZ 6 and Mini 2. I have not tried USB on either.

Yeah no issues with octoprint, it’s not the same as connect directly.

Hey, you can use parallels, sign up for the windows dev account and run the windows version of cura on you m1 through vm ware. It works fine for me.