Archim board - looks like an upgraded Rambo
32 microstepping drivers, full size fuses instead of those never to be sufficiently damned grain of rice style ones, an onboard SD card slot, motor protection diodes, looks like its going to have an ethernet daughterboard option at some point in theory. On the downside it looks like it does lose the I2C port, which I need to control my blinky lights amongst other things. Still interesting though, and could make for a definite quality improvement on the corners.

I was thinking “who needs blinky lights and other stuff anyways”, but then I saw a price tag of $170 on this thing :open_mouth:
I guess I thought that was expensive until I looked on the Lulzbot website to find theirs at $220

I’ll keep this in mind incase I ever blow my rambo board, if I haven’t already blown it. I saw a spark and that’s all I can say for sure for now.

So, what would make you prefer this board over e.g. a Geetech GT2560?

Is it the form factor? Built-in stepper drivers? The fuses? Build quality?

I realize this is an old thread sorry.

That Geetech GT2560 has a 8 bit processor running at 16 MHz the archim has 32 bit running at 86 mhz. Its not really comparable . On large complex prints with high detail the 8 bit chips buffer runs out and causes the printer to slow down giving you a bad consistency in the print. I can send you a gcode where this is very obvious. The board you suggest is very nice if you wanna mess with drivers and so on but drivers aren’t the biggest problem in these boards unless noise is your biggest concern.

Anyway thats my 2 cents worth.