Are the mini 1 and 2 beds interchangeable?

I have 2 original Mini beds I’d like to use on a new Mini 2. The size is just a few mm off and physically looks ok. Has anyone tried this?

I saw a post that indicated Mini 2 bed on a 1 is OK so I’m assuming… :slight_smile:



That should be fine. Is it the thickness that’s a bit different? The same glass was used on Mini 1 and Mini 2, so the X and Y dimensions should be the same.

Yes, I think that’s an issue. I’ve tried it and I get some separation in the second layer from the first. So I might need to adjust something in the settings.

Do the 4 corner washers tighten snugly onto the bed, or do they wiggle a bit? Something else I didn’t think about is that the bed corners and spacers might be different. See step 8:

Yes, the spacers are different height and thickness. It’s snug but not as tight as when the bed in on the Mini 1. The bed will wiggle a bit. I noticed that when the mini 1 bed is on the 2, the bed is just below the top part of the corner bracket meaning the washer can never tighten down fully on the bed. That might account for the layer separation (slight shift) and the slight wiggle.

I think I’m headed in the right direction (the bed height).

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Yup, it was the z-offset. I took it from -.8 to -.9 (better) then -1.00 and almost perfect.