Difficulty tightening washers after modular heat bed upgrade

I just upgraded my Lulzbot mini to the modular print bed system. However, I am having trouble tightening the washers. The instructions say to tighten them until they are level but not to over tighten. I am to the point where I feel like I might strip them but they are all still a little crooked. They are being pushed up on one side by the protruding glass bed. Is this normal? Would it be fine if they were all just a little crooked but equally crooked?



You should have received with the modular bed a set of 10mm spacer tubes to replace the old 8mm spacer tubes on the original bed. I recall reading some others saying they got the wrong spacers (8mm instead of 10mm) – if that’s the case, or if you’re using the old 8mm tubes from the original bed, it would explain the difficulty you are describing.

What color is the metal plate for your bed? If its black, then thats normal. The modular bed system is poorly designed. The ninjaflex corners have poor quality control and height varies. Also the gap for bed parts to be between washer and top of mounts is 1mm too short.

I tried bringing this up to support and got absolutely no where. I had to redesign the corner mounts and reprint them.

Can you share your stl file? I may have to do this to fix my issue.

I’m also having trouble mounting the modular heatbead and glass top. I got the longer (10mm) spacers but the screws are the exact same length so there are no threads poking through to screw into the base. I’m going to see if I can find some longer screws which may be difficult since the screwhead needs to be the exact same size so it will fit on the washer.

Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

I had that problem too… For expediency, I just ordered some from Amazon. My Mini has the silver aluminum bed, so I don’t know if the size is same for the black bed.

I ordered 16mm length, they are a bit too long (work fine but stick through about 2mm); the 14mm might be better. When I ordered, I found someone selling just 10 of them, but smallest quantity I can find now is 100. Still not too expensive, though.
Stainless flat head countersunk M3 x 16mm
Stainless flat head countersunk M3 x 14mm