washers not laying flat after bed upgrade

upgraded my lulzbot mini serial number in the 0700’s to the new modular print bed but the spacers are too short or something else is wrong please help my washers no longer lay flat on the corners of my bed and are causing leveling failures. I replaced the black pads and spacers with the new ones (for older minis) that came with the kit. I don’t know what my next step of recourse should be.

Good luck. I dealed with this issue with support and got absolutely no where. The issue is the standoffs are 10mm tall. the flexy mounts should be 5mm thick at spot where heater rests(but mine were all out of spec, some were 5mm and some were 5.2mm, also very rigid with no squeezing possible). The glass with pei is around 3.6mm thick. The heater and metal is 2.2mm thick. You add these up and now everything is stacked to 10.8mm providing your flexy mounts were printed correctly from lulzbot.

That metal standoff is only 10mm. I think you can see the issue here. There is NO way you are going to compress that 0.8mm out without shattering the glass.

The only solution is print your own flexy corners and make the gap between bed and heater 4.2mm

Now I also have this kit on the newer Mini 1, the one with black buildplate it went together perfectly. I dont know whats going on at lulzbot but I was pissed. Also an older bed kit came with squishier flexy mounts which can almost compress enough and work. Asked support if theres a listed infill to print at and was told there isnt. So that could be the issue too, someone different at lulzbot prints them and makes infill too high and they become useless.

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I looked at the file for the old flexi corners(1.03) and they are 30% and the newer (1.04) are 60%. That could be reducing the flex of the newer machines corners. YMMV.

Just stick a washer in between the standoff and the upper main contact washer.

Same experience here. I ended up printing myself a set of square blocks, with 0.2 mm increments in height to put under the outside edge of the washers. For each corner, I found one which fit exactly to keep the washer level.

here’s one for ya

Same problem here. The top surface of the PEI was 1mm higher than the standoffs on two corners, and about 0.5mm higher on the third, and perfectly level on the fourth. All over the place. Had a couple of 1mm washers lying around so fixed the first two. Looking for a 0.5mm washer now… !!!