Auto calibrate

What should an Auto calibrate should look like on a TAZ Workhorse? I attempted one and all it did was crash the print head around hitting limits and causing the belt to jump teeth and then drag the nozzle across my bed scratching the surface?? I immediately shut it off as that just doesn’t look right.

I wouldn’t really worry about Auto Calibrating your TAZ Workhorse. It works a lot like a TAZ 6. I would go back to your QA sheet or Test Exceptance Record and enter those settings in. The only thing that you’ll have to worry about is your Z-offset. Your workhorse should autolevel when you turn on the machine.

You’ll want to make sure that you have the latest version of Cura, that you uninstalled any earlier versions and that you cleaned your cache according to the download instructions.

Don’t forget to clean your nozzle by preheating your tool head and giving it a good scrubbing with the brown Scotch Brite pad that came with your kit. Don’t clean the nozzle with anything metallic because this could damage your RAMBo board.

Thanks for the response fivewaters. I’ve been pre-heating and manually cleaning just kind of out of intuition. I do have the latest cura as well. What I don’t have is a solid understanding of what to do with that QA sheet/test acceptance because I have no documentation beyond a quick start guide. Seems there is not a specific manual to the WH. Would you recommend the Taz6 or Pro user manual?