Is this auto-calibration normal

I have a Taz Workhorse 6. Attached is a video of it auto calibrating. It randomly jerks and makes loud noises. Also, it does not print because it constantly says “Autolevel failed… etc”. Does anyone know why and how I can alleviate this problem?video

It is not normal but I don’t know why or how to fix it. I’d suggest you contact LulzBot support.

We have recently been trying to go through a lot of new firmware bugs, I recommend downloading the newest version of cura le (3.6.25-10) and updating your firmware then checking the calibration again, if it still behaving abnormally afterwards then please get in touch with

@andrewm It almost looks like the nozzle is not making an electrical contact. It is pressing down/skipping steps to the point where it no longer knows where the calibration cube is located. Manually jog the printer so the nozzle touches on the cube and then through Cura → monitor → console type M119 while connected to the printer. It should read back something like

< [08:18:16] Reporting endstop status
< [08:18:16] x_min: open
< [08:18:16] y_max: open
< [08:18:16] z_min: TRIGGERED
< [08:18:16] z_max: open
< [08:18:16] filament: open

If z_min is not TRIGGERED your printer is not reconizing the connection. It could be a dirty nozzle or wiring might have gone bad. Unplugging and re-plugging in the tool head connector sometimes fixes this issue.