Auto leveling malfunction


I’ve been using my Taz 6 with no issues for almost one year (since feb). All of a sudden the nozzle does not descend enough when trying to measure the 4th corner during calibration and cames out with a “failed to cleanup nozzle” error, that is bogus since it does not lower the nozzle enough to touch, has nothing to do with cleanup.

Here are the details:

It does correctly the first 3 corners, however at the 4th one when it does the first rough estimate, that is lowering at fast speed, it stops about 1mm above the round button and gives up. If it would lower just a bit more it would touch it, but it stops too soon.

Oddly enough the following workaround makes it work (for now): when calibrating the 4th corner and just when the nozzle starts moving down I put the blade of the knife between the button and the nozzle and since the blade is >1mm it will make contact, with this it will continue fine with the 2nd fine measurement (slow speed) and oddly enough with this one it does go lower enough to touch and everything it’s fine from there. For the 2nd (fine) measurement I don’t have to put the blade so the measurement is valid, that’s why prints came out fine.

Any ideas what causes this? Is there a switch/ limiter somewhere that tells it how low to try and go for the initial rought measurement on the 4th corner? Same setting I touched by mistake? (I already reset the settings)

Any help is much appreciated


What version of Cura LulzBot Edition are you using? Have you updated your firmware recently? Reach out to our support team for assistance:

I just upgraded to Cura 2.6.63 and I hit the same problem. I’ll contact support per your suggestion.
Thank you

Hi MuchHat,
We are experiencing a very similar issue with our Taz 6. I am wondering if you had a resolution for your issue?