Better lulzbot mini prints with cura 14.09 then 15.02?

Hello everyone.
Has anyone else notice a drop off in print quality after starting to use 15.02? I am using a lulzbot mini, and both cura software versions are using the ABS fine profile and no other settings modified. With software version 14.09, I get clean, good looking prints. When I use 15.02 though, I get buggers everywhere (excess abs hanging off the edges). Has anyone else noticed this?


Sure it’s not a semi-clogged nozzel or some other hardware problem? I didn’t notice a difference.

Thanks for the response. I have been using 15.02, and was noticing the prints not looking like they use to. So I decided to print the same object again, but this time using 14.09. I got a great print out of the Cura 14.09 version. So it can’t be a clog, or it would have shown up on my 14.09 print. Do I need to possibly adjust the retraction setting (cant this sometimes cause little bits of abs to hang off edges)? I noticed on 15.09 there is an option for modifying it, instead of just a check mark in the older Cura version.


Just FYI: there is a much newer version of Cura (17.10) available here