Help: Lulzbot Mini/Cura 21.00 - Ghosting and stippling

Lulzbot Mini
Cura 18.04 & 21.00 (lulzbot edition)

MG Chemicals ABS 3MM

My first attempt, (right sample), to print the above piece using 18.04 was perfect, except for the painfully recurring Python crashes. My second attempt, (left sample), also suffered the same fate, only it had many new aberrations. I changed nothing between them.

My third attempt was on 21.00 with intermediate settings set ABS and standard quality after searching this forum to correct the Python crash issue. It was successful, but the aberrations remained.

Fourth attempt, high speed, but switched advanced, exact same result. Even the aberrations were identical.

What changed to add these aberrations to a clean file? The first attempt was clean and near perfect. I want that quality again.

I performed an uninstall of 18.04 and fresh install with default settings of 21.00 with the timing mentioned above.
Files were loaded and printed direct from the Thingiverse download.

Please advise.

Looking at the two models, I see a vertical size difference on the faces. You might have a heat issue with your control board over-heating.

Vertical size issue is because they are both incomplete prints. And upside down. Each crashed at a different point in the print process.

Scaling is unrelated.

I think I am having the same issue.

Have you tried switching back to cura 18?