big reels of filament at least 4k

:laughing: we at Midwestern State U are trying to print a 2235 gm gear and need more filament on one reel, or is there a way to stop print and reload new reel ?

There are several companies that will sell you larger than normal rolls of fillament. Matterhackers has some, there are others. Look at the websites for the extremely large format 3d printers for ideas along that line.

But if you want to swap rolls, you can hit pause and swap the fillament out. There will genearally be some deformed plastic at that spot. Another option is to heat fuse the end of one roll to the beginning of the next one. The way I have done that before is to take a hot knife blade (used for cutting ripstop nylon) and put it between the two ends until they are hot, then remove the knife and press them together, then trim off any excess plastic and hope for the best. If you cna find or make some sort of metal jig with a channel on either side for the fillament to keep it lined up, that helps.