Print too big for one roll of filament


I have the taz6 and am close to start a print that uses almost the entire possible print envelop of the taz6.
According to Cura the print will need 2965gr of filament which is 3 rolls, correct?
I don’t run the printer off the computer. I am using the memory card and the printer is not connected to a computer.
So…how to get the printer to stop when the filament is empty/close to being empty?

I guess I can use the “Pause at height” plugin, however, how do I know at what height the roll is going to be empty or close to being empty? Also, I read somewhere a code for Cura that pauses the print for x seconds. As far as I understand 999 seconds is max.? That’s less than 17 minutes. Would not help when the set height is reached in the middle of the night.

Or maybe using the “Pause” option on the display of the printer? Never dared to try though. Might be the easiest but the print is going to run several days so I can’t watch the entire time. I would have to guess when the filament is going to be empty and be there to pause the printer and change the filament.

Any other ideas/codes?

Thank you very much!

There is a change filament option in the LCD controller menu. I have used that in the past to switch to a new spool.

The obvious solution is to buy a single larger roll of filament… I have seen 5kg spools available, the colors and types are more limited though.

Thank you, guys for your input.
I couldn’t find a 5kg spool of the filament I need.
I found the “Change Filament” option and will give this a try.

Again, thank you for your help.