Brand new Taz 5 user

Hi guys, I’ve been printing for a few years with a R2 and was looking for more build volume (and ultimately two extruders) so I just purchased a Taz 5.

I’ve got it set up and printing. Couple of issues

The tension setting on the extruder is giving me fits. It seems to be printing ok, but in pronterface it would extrude fine for a few seconds and then slow down. Drove me crazy. It did it when it was too tight and jammed, and too loose and printed slowly, and all points inbetween. I guess I’ve got the tension right since it’s successfully printing now, but is there a more concrete way to know I have the right tension?

Bed leveling is just brutal. I spent over 2 hours on it. edit: have it nailed now. Perfect.

I forgot to mention that my SD card was blank. No biggie I can download the files.

Love this printer. I really like the speed override during prints.

I was printing something with 4800mm/m as the default speed, and outershells set to 40% of that and first layer and outerfill set to 60%

Anyway after it was printing for awhile I started bumping up the speed with the dial on the controller. I finally set it to 250% which works out to the machine’s max. It was printing great! This is awesome to watch.

The only thing is the steppers were getting HOT! So I backed back down to 180% and it’s just printing beautifully. I can’t believe it.

How hot can the steppers get and still be ok?

Can you send your serial number to and mention the SD card was blank?

The general rule is if the motors are too hot to the touch, they are too hot. I don’t know the temp, offhand. When they get too hot, they start skipping steps. You likely won’t damage the motors running hot, but the print will fail.



Will do! Is the serial number the one on bottom back of electronics enclosure?

An odd quirk in the machine. The firmware restarts whenever it’s connected to the pc and then disconnected. Also when the sd card is inserted. So if you are doing anything like heating the printer up or printing it will stop everything.

I was printing from an SD card and I shut down pronterface (it wasn’t controlling the printer but it was connected) and the print halted and I didn’t see how I could get it to resume.

So that’s something to watch for. If you are printing from an SD card don’t alter the connection status of the usb. And if you are preparing for a print don’t insert the SD card or connect it to a pc the preheat will stop.

IIRC, if you are printing from SD, you can disconnect USB but you can’t plug it in.

Yes sorry I noticed that. It’s a little more complicated then I let on. It’s certain events that cause the firmware restart, but they are not necessarily reversible. I had assumed that.

I’d like to see that changed (Firmware only restarts if you cycle power, or perhaps if you request it via command) in the future if possible. It’s a minor annoyance. Although maybe it’s impossible to change. I have no idea how difficult that would be.